05 June 2008

stick it to me

top things i'm interested in outside of science:


good lord, and an ivy league grad student, to boot?

guys, i think.. i think that i'm whitey!

i am THE MAN.

21 April 2008

absurd conspiracy theory of the day: 4/21/08

according to alicia keys (and others):

gangsta rap was invented by the government in order to encourage black people to kill each other. pursuant to this, biggie and tupac were assassinated by the US government.

consider the biased evidence and decide for yourself.

what's next? the government created AIDS? uh oh...

15 April 2008


rehearsals are getting longer coming down to the wire. the weather is getting warmer and i want to get out and play some golf. this weekend i'm going to baltimore to see the mental notes concert, which is the last concert featuring people with which i have sung. i got 3 parking tickets in the past 3 weeks. i like my wine class, despite the long problem sets. i am glad that classes will be over soon. it will be nice to be able to do research on monday and tuesday again.

08 April 2008

things i would do if i had no job #1

sneak into office buildings and eat lunches clearly labeled for a certain person's consumption.

imagine the havoc.

passive agressive note: to who(m)ever is eating my lunch: please stop eating my lunch! it is my food!!!!!!!!!

another passive agressive note: THIS IS NOT YOU'RE FOOD! I BROUGHT IT SO I COULD EAT IT! GET YOUR OWN!

i would only do it for a few days, then maybe leave an applebee's gift card or something addressed to the person, then i'd move on to another office building. i'd be like a little office gremlin.

04 April 2008

it's my favorite crayon

you may be wondering why my blog is pink. but why? would you wonder why my blog was red? or blue? or yellow?

chicks don't OWN pink, man.

yup, that's me. changing commonly held opinions on gender chromatics, one blog at a time.